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Alaska Jobs, “North to the future”, is still the land of opportunity for many.

There are plenty of good paying jobs in Alaska to those that can take the cold. Companies in Alaska are hiring for all skill levels and pay higher than the national average. A job in Alaska may not be for everyone but if you have nothing else it may be the adventure of a lifetime.

For information about Alaska including government jobs databases please see below job listings on this page.

Thousands of Alaskan Jobs

Article on Alaska

Economy of Alaska

Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Alaska Job Center Network – State of Alaska

Alaska – Largest Cities

Name Population

1 Anchorage 291,826

2 Fairbanks 31,535

3 Juneau 31,275

4 Badger 19,482

5 Knik-Fairview 14,923

6 College 12,964

7 Sitka 8,881

8 Lakes 8,364

9 Tanaina 8,197

10 Ketchikan 8,050

Also research Kenai and Wasilla our source say there are jobs there.

The oil industries and all the related service companies associated with them are booming. So whether your in Gulf state, Texas or Virginia, the Fuel business is where the jobs are. They need many of the skills that you may already have. Welders, cooks, secretaries, computer technician, they need them all. In Alaska many of the jobs are seasonal, expect to only work six months out of the year, but you will make more in those six months than you would at home. So if your up to the adventure, do it. Just make sure you consult your spouse before you decide to sell everything.

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